Hunting Decoys

"The Robo–Coy decoy from Custom Robotic Wildlife, is the ultimate in realism and movement. With a flip of a toggle switch, you can move the tail or head. I've used this decoy extensively the past four years, and I've only had one buck that didn't commit after I moved the decoy's head. For whatever reason, I've found that slowly swiveling the head is much more effective than flicking the decoy's tail."

Gary Clancy, Author of the book: "Rattling, Calling And Decoying"

For the Predator hunters, we are excited to introduce our new line of wireless remote control swivel bases. The base turns many of your favorite hunting decoy's into a moving and visually stimulating sight for the prey you are hunting. Use the base with turkeys, rabbits, fawns, coyote decoys and more. The wireless remote, controls the base up to a 1/4 mile away. Powered by twelve "AA" batteries, this system is not only easy to use, but extremely deadly for bringing your prey out in the open and into range.

With any type of hunting decoy, location, positioning and scent are the most important things Hunters need to pay close attention to for results. The addition of movement, has been proven to bring more animals into range. When properly used, a Robo–Coy decoy helps to focus the attention of an approaching buck onto the decoy and off of the hunter, making drawing back and taking a good shot easier to execute with a bow and arrow.

All of the hides used are purchased from hunters, we guarantee that the hair will be down to the knee joint and then painted to match down the remainder of the leg. Complete coverage including the hooves is available for an additional cost.

Custom Robotic Wildlife has been producing quality decoys for over 10 years. Our system has been tested and shipped to 48 States and all of the Canadian provinces. We are a company with the experience you can depend on for results.


  • Regular Deer (Moving Head & Tail) – $1575
  • Laying Deer (Moving Head & Tail) – $1575
  • Stomper Deer (Moving Head, Tail & Leg) – $1875
  • Strutting Turkey (Standard Mount) – $1300
  • Strutting Turkey (Moving Tail Fan) – $1300
  • Hen Turkey (Standard Mount) – $550
  • Rabbit (Standard Mount) – $300
  • Fawn (Standard Mount) – $450
  • Remote Controlled Swivel Base – $325

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