Goose Control

Controlling "resident" and migratory geese has become a year round job in many residential areas, parks, golf courses and airports where they cause significant problems and create a huge mess.

Canadian geese have a strong tendency to return to the same nesting and feeding areas year after year, which makes it difficult to eliminate geese once they become settled in a local area. Custom Robotic Wildlife, Inc. has the solution to your problem... we have created a moving coyote track system that has proven to effectively keep geese away. Our track system is currently patrolling the manicured lawns of residential homes, apartment complexes and major corporations throughout the United States.

Research has shown that the combination of the coyote, a natural predator of the goose, and movement will deter geese from landing, nesting and feeding near the moving mount. Track systems can be assembled in different lengths to suit your landscaping needs, and a custom enclosure can be built to hide and protect the coyote mount from the elements. The track system runs off of a standard power source and can be programmed to move as often as you'd like. The standard eight foot system shown above starts at $2995.00. Robotic mounts without the track system are available starting at $1800.00.

It is best to initiate control tactics as soon as you notice geese in your area. Be persistent, once geese settle in a location they will be more tolerant of disturbances and more difficult to remove. In a large yard or area geese may become acclimated to the movement of the coyote and relocating the track system to different locations throughout the yard may be required to continually discourage the geese.