Enforcement Decoys

"I've used many of Custom Robotic Wildlife's products, they have all held up well through many years of hard use. The decoy has been a great tool in helping wardens apprehend violators, and deter potential violators."

Mike MacKenzie, WI Conservation Officer

Poachers take wildlife anywhere, anytime and they do so using the most unsporting methods. It is difficult to have a law enforcement officer, a poacher and a wild animal at the same location at the same time... but by incorporating a robotic decoy, officers can do just that. Once an officer receives a tip or complaint of possible poaching activity, they can set up and work the targeted area with the decoy in an effort to catch the violator in the act.

For over 10 years we have been working closely with law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and Canada to continually produce products that will safely and effectively assist them in apprehending violators.

Our deer decoys are the most popular of all our products. With a variety of positions and robotic options we are able to customize the decoys to fit just about any situation.

All of our decoys are made with taxidermy prepared skins that are mounted on light weight forms. The average deer decoy weighs 22 pounds and can be set up and in use in less than a minute.

"Decoys put the game warden, the violator and the resource in the same place at the same time. That is the perfect situation for making an apprehension."

Sgt. Dan Tourtellotte, Maine Warden Service

We now have an 8 foot aluminum track system that can be used with most existing mounts or a future decoy purchases. The animals are controlled with the same type of hand held controller officers are currently using. Complete systems with rechargeable batteries start at $1050.00 and can be used with turkeys, pigs, deer and more.

We take pride in creating our products and feel we are a company with the experience you can depend on for results. If you are not satisfied with your decoy, we urge you to call us and we'll find a solution to the problem.

Our robotic systems have been designed to make parts replacement as quick & easy as possible. Visit our accessories page for more information.

Custom Robotic Wildlife, the ultimate enforcement tool in the fight against poaching is constantly working to improve our mounts and make advances in the robotic movements of our products. We would be glad to work with you to create a specialized decoy that suits your specific needs.

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