Display Products

Custom Robotic Wildlife display mounts can be programmed to run continuous loops tailored to suit your specific needs or set up with motion detection sensors. Sound cards are also available that enable customers to record short messages or animal sounds. Each animal we create is unique and can be mounted with a free standing natural habitat base or customized to fit an existing diorama. We also offer a multi-month leasing program on a select number of our display mounts.

All of our mounts are created using actual animal hides. We have an extensive list of sources that enables us to obtain a wide array of skins. Due to the availability and quality of each animal hide and the robotic options offered with each mount, price quotes are done on a mount–by–mount basis.

Over the past 13 years, Custom Robotic Wildlife mounts have been proven to increase traffic flow to targeted areas of retail stores, help many different kinds of companies increase their exposure at trade shows, and have been displayed in museums, malls, nature centers and casinos all over the U.S. and Canada. We have the products to fit your price range and complete the image you are looking for.